Why Windows worked but Windows phone meh!

Arnav Zek
2 min readDec 4, 2017


Windows phone was an excitingly unique approach to how we use phones. You have got simple sleek Tiles which can be arranged in a more personal and memorable way. I never wandered around searching for an app and I loved the use of negative space.

Going top to bottom is way easier than swiping left and right. That’s how we see in real life, we look from top to bottom. A glance at a paper your eyes will go top to bottom.

After using it Android felt primitive

Windows phone had the most understood and reasonable UX concept and with an unquestioned beauty of Nokia Lumia.

So, why did it fail?

A month after I got my phone, Microsoft bought Nokia’s mobile division and for no reason, they replaced the sleek beautiful Lumia design with cheap, toy design which was disappointing but Nokia was already sinking before Microsoft dropped itself on it

Microsoft has been very erratic with mobile devices.

In the past, the simply made software and let other companies compete with their hardware but they have always wanted to be more than a software company (remember Zune) which is why they bought Nokia. Yeah! you can say that they want to be more like Apple


while trying to chase down their competitors, I think they never tried to understand the success of windows.

People buy windows because of its openness but Windows Phone was not even close to that.

It’s restrictions and constraint ware inevitably taunting. Windows Phone never offered the freedom Windows OS did.

Meanwhile, Microsoft made an amazingly unique and reasonable UX but Microsoft wasn’t able to emulate the freedom and openness Windows OS and Android offered to its users.



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