Why we love Iron Man?

Arnav Zek
3 min readJul 25, 2020


credit: TeamNeko

Let me start by saying, Iron Man franchise made science cool. When I saw the first installment I was struck by this never-ending urge to build something.

I did a lot of open-source projects which were duds like writing a react library on my own, a half baked 3d game engine for web, an extension which will give you a summary of every page on the internet, recently a router and currently, I am spending tears and sweat on an all in one web development library upon.one

Back to Iron Man

I have seen cool science stuff in movies before but it was never about the process of building it but the aftermath like Jurassic Park.

in Iron man 1, most of the time was spent in the process of building something.

Spider-man also had similar brief building tech moments but I didn’t feel the same urge in the bones, maybe because the priority of the movie was love and family and it was cute for its time.

Let’s get back to why the Iron man had more excitement and Adrenalin than spiderman? because Iron man was imperfect, Spiderman (I mean peter) was imperfect too but not in a funny way

Iron man’s first flight, puff

His first landing, he crashes like an idiot

His second flight, he crashes like an idiot

His second landing, he crashes like an idiot

He is a genius yet he uses budges like broken captain America shield to align the laser In Iron Man 2.

There is a balance between his intelligence and his carelessness? Which makes it realistic and funny at the same time

His patchy character resonated with my teenagehood (yes, it is a word) which makes him more likable because I like myself


  1. Iron man franchise had flaws like Obadiah just forgot about the paralysis tech in the final fight (maybe because he was stupid which best explains it)

2. If terrorists were interested in the missile they could have asked it from Obadiah instead

Maybe, those missiles were more valuable than the company so Obadiah would have said no

Iron man franchise except iron man 3 is one of the well thought out creative product of the decade