It’s more media than social

Arnav Zek
2 min readJan 6, 2018

More than anything social media has been most synonymous with internet. getting in touch with our friends has never been so easy, everyone can have their moments.


What’s the buzz about all the anti-social and isolating phrases of “facebook” and “twitter”.

Let’s get into the cracks

Reality can be sometimes frustrating and boring. Life always makes us stuck. Stuck is a line for few minutes is frustrating, talking to parents on the dinner table can be boring. so, what we do is run. we run to the cheesy quotes, sarcastic jokes, lame pranks and selfies.

It engineers us in a way that we only share specific moments which makes it phoney and furious. Good for encourage engagement but after looking at those profile it can make you demand a very unrealistic life with no sacrifices and problems. wiring our brain in a disastrous way

we start hating reality.

Love of our your reflection.

Every single story facebook exposes you with, is very precisely picked by their algorithm which constantly tries to learn what you like the most, the politicians you support, the brands you prefer and the values you share. You get to see what you like and you are always going to like your own reflection, this makes the platform highly engaging and addictive.

You get trapped in a bubble of your own mind even after realizing.


what’s wrong with it? why appreciating your interest and values can be bad

Think about the like button of facebook or the heart button twitter offers, it is a response systems which targets very selective expressions. you are not going to share your vulnerability or sacrifices and expect likes in response. likes are not made for it.

Twitter has a limit of 150 characters which encourages users to be creative with words which is great! but if you are trying to make a point with just 150 characters it is always going to be controversial and controversial tweets gets more engagement so more money.


  • A neutral alternative of the response system.
  • profile needs to be more transparent.
  • We need to change ourselves.


In the present nothing has the vast reach social media has.

Facebook and Twitter is the greatest and the most powerful tool humanity every had in history. I respect the passion and hardwork which led to its creation but intentionally or not-intentionally it got molded in into an manipulation tool which exploits human nature.

We need to change ourselves.