What Apple, Microsoft & Google could do in the next few years?

Apple, Microsoft & Spacex are going to change the world

Arnav Zek
2 min readNov 17, 2018


It’s the Apple event, most of the exciting murmuring expects smaller notch, dropped charging port or 5G support

Everything goes black, background music is replaced, A natural, excited voice, starts to speak

She is enthused but sounds a little unsure, she is not talking about a product or any metric that represents Apple’s growth she is talking about the weather, Life, and feelings.

Few are thinking “Is Tim cook stepping down?”

After 15 minutes of confusion and curiosity, she stops and says. oh! sorry I didn’t introduce myself cause I thought we knew each other, I am Siri no titles

Journalists have not even completed their Big tweet When the lights come out

Journalists were expecting a new iPhone which will have this Siri update

No! Instead, a 19 years old teen welcomes them

Journalists stop typing, Is she what they think she is?

Fast Forward..

While Siri is giving interviews, and Stand up comedy


Foldable phones fizzed out. It was fragile, too expensive most people lost their money on foldable phones.

Everyone has dropped the idea, Microsoft is expected to follow soon with their Microsoft Book

No one thinks Microsoft could do it but Slowly Microsoft is becoming the dominant face of foldable devices, the wind is breezing stronger and stronger through its windows

New rumors are “Microsoft is planning to change their strategy from licensing fees for windows to making it free and diversifying revenue from apps through in-app purchases, advertisement, and paid apps. They just took a page out of Google’s strategy”

Seeing Chrome OS gain traction, Windows 10 becomes open source and free.

It is now called just Windows OS

More developers come in, more companies come in, Azure grows many folds


Nvidia is rumored to release a new OS, it is not trying to compete with either Windows or Apple directly.

The idea is that it’s an OS which will do all the computation on the cloud, the device will be only responsible for rendering pixels

The device itself is very cheap

Now, No one buys new phones anymore just the processor on the cloud is upgraded

The network is powered by SpaceX’s Start Link satellites


Apple takes this idea & makes it even better

iGlass holds only minimal components, mainly networking chips and display hardware to fulfill efficiency and aesthetic as cloud computation provides the computing power

but the controversial part didn’t appear at the event. it was silently disclosed in a blog post that

“user data collected will be analyzed on the cloud which will be used to enable personalized augmented advertisement embedded live in the real world”

Apple broke record sale from IGlass, Siri (the robot) and Apple’s advertisement expansion in AR

Siri and iGlass completely replace Macs & iPhone



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