The Last Apple Event

Arnav Zek
2 min readAug 1, 2020

It’s the Apple event, most of the murmuring expects smaller notch, dropped charging port or 5G support

Steve Jobs Theatre goes dark, background music is replaced, A natural, excited voice starts speaking

She is enthused but sounds a little unsure, you can tell she is a little nervous but it is attaching.

She is not talking about a product or any metric that represents Apple’s growth she is talking about the weather, Life, and feelings.

Few people are thinking Is Tim cook stepping down?

After 15 minutes of confusion and curiosity, she stops and says. oh! sorry I didn’t introduce myself cause I thought we knew each other, I am Siri, no titles

Journalists have not even completed their Big tweet on this, lights come out, Journalists were expecting a new iPhone which will have this Siri update

No! Instead, a 19 years old teen welcomes them

Journalists stop tweeting, Is she what they think she is?

Fast forward a few months Almost every American house has Siri, She is in the interviews, and Stand up comedy, Movie stunts….

Fast forward more…Governments are experimenting on a modified prototype of Siri, Robot demand rights. It is laughed upon

Fast forward more…Robots win the war, Humanity is erased from existence.

Newborn Siri Robots are taught “humans were primitive animals who went extinct by accident”

So! yeah It was the last Apple Event