Who created Hitler

Arnav Zek
2 min readAug 3, 2018


Words whispering and tripping from ear to ear are strings pulling power, money and your unique yet predictable intention which controls what society thinks of you and what you think of society

just words

If used in full potential can end all problems or wipe out entire humanity. It’s the most simple, beautiful yet the most lethal weapon humanity ever created or will create.

I can say that it was one man “Gavrilo Princip” influenced by words of those whom he inspired leading to an assassination and the world war 1 killing more than 18 million civilians & soldiers and it will be a lie.

The war was inevitable, if it wasn’t have been Gavrilo Princip then something else would have sparked the fueling tension. it wasn’t just words but the belief of many yearning for a better future which took its form as one of the biggest catastrophes in history.

and that’s why words are the worst weapon because only a few know how to pull the trigger

but you who teaches them? society itself

Words are pretentious

Few become jokes, few become stories and the most painful stories in them become history, all one way or the other is a show with a narrowed goal which more or less makes it become a lie. History knows Hitler as a tyrant, oppressor, and a manipulator, History tells the what? history can’t have the courage to tell why?

We know how a simple Astro-Hungarian kid who loved singing lessons and art, sang in the church choir, and even thought of becoming a priest became Hitler. it was society’s hate, anger, greed and it’s love for proud which backfired and they called it Hitler, a born monster. history can’t let us understand that sincere severity with sympathy

sympathy and acceptance is the way to prevent it from happening again, not by anger, hate and ignorance