Random thoughts (part 1)

Arnav Zek
1 min readApr 6, 2021

Every generation has complaints, some people adapt themselves and stop complaining but there are always some stubborn people who decline to adjust, they fix it often nearly destroying themselves.

We engineer to fix flaws of old generation not because they were wrong but because they created us with the expectations that we will improve their work, sometimes they might not like the change, they might think we are rebels but we are just following goodwill, this is why they created us.

I say “they” because my parents are not my only creator, I was born in a hospital, some doctors used his/her’s years of expertise to bring me to this world. My grandparents made my father and mother competent to raise me to my current existence. I am here because many people wanted me to be here. You are here because many people wanted you to be here and you are here to improve their work. Make this world less flawed.