Magenta: An Antihero

Arnav Zek
11 min readJul 19, 2019


Officer: You look um.. not professional, sir

Captain: you mean horrified?

Officer: I thought you did be used to such cases

Captain: Amputated body parts and road painted in blood, just shut.. what kind of person are you. (Sargent, heavily breathing)…… hey! you missed the coffee shop, are you out of your mind

Officer: I don’t like coffee, sir.

Captain: pull it (the car brakes), get out!

(Captain starts the engine, and takes a u-turn, stops and calls the officer)

Officer: (thinking, he must have felt sorry) yes, sir (with a dry smile)

Captain: take this evidence with you (a hand dripping blood in unfortunately transparent polythene )

(The officer reaches the police station, at the reception)

Reception: how is your first day coming together

Officer: too good to tell

Receptionist, interrupting her says, told you basketball was a bad idea. The suspect is in room 4. you know how to interrogate? (while looking at his phone)

Officer: I will wait for the captain

(receptionist phone blips)

receptionist: hey, I know it’s your first day but important lessons are better taught sooner, ( with a funny face smile) will you cover for me. please! please! please! please! I will be back in a second

Officer: Usually, that means an hour (receptionist has already left)

The officer is looking at a man in his early 20s from a strangely purple-tinted CCTV, half-drunk

Officer: fuck! I can do this

(she reaches room 4 and checks it’s room 4, four times. she enters the room)

The chair is dragged scratching the surface,

She stares at a huge scar in his hand for a while and then

Officer: look I am having a bad day but a good story will do the job (in an aggressive voice) I am bored with it is a setup or there has been a mistake.

Suspect: zzzzz (drunkenly sleeping..)

Officer: (to herself) that’s new, actually better

she quickly gets up and starts checking his pockets

A notepad, an id, and a phone…. and keys

She takes out the keys immediately. Deletes the CCTV footage and leaves the station

When she reaches his house the door was already open, she takes out her gun and gets her foot inside the house, one at a time. lights are out but she can tell It’s a lavish house pretty. she looks around for the switches but then she notices almost fainted blinking magenta light, she follows it steadily and carefully as soon as she reaches the room the dim magenta light was coming from, she demands “HANDS UP!” before she can realize her gun wasn’t loaded she is thrown to the ground. someone just ran through her faster than she can blink

When she gains consciousness, she takes out her note and tries to remember what just happened

She writes

7:14 PM: A female in her 20s half women and half metal

She immediately cuts it and holds her head then she remembers that the lady was holding something. Officer rushes into the room suspects a purse to be the object but before she can gather her thoughts it strikes her 7:14! she keeps it and hustles to the station

She reaches the police station

receptionist: where were you, you almost got me fired.

officer: um! I am so sorry

receptionist: (interrupting her) captain has called you in his office

officer: (while walking to captain’s office) what is wrong with me, I am so fired

officer: May I come in sir?

Captain: what? we don’t say that here, take a seat. well, where were you this whole day we got some pretty good work done

Officer: um…

Captain: It’s okay. here’s the good news the bastard confessed of killing her girlfriend. I thought this is going to keep us busy for the next few months. I have to address the media. Get me some DNAs verified here’s a sample. will you? This monster is going to be hanged

Officer: (thinking, why isn’t he angry) yes! sir

(captain leaves his office for the press conference about the case which has shaken the whole city)

Officer: This isn’t what it looks like. (takes a deep breath, sitting in the chair, opens the file and stops at a photo) she was the one at the house she is the victim and she is not dead!! I need to tell them, she was there to plant evidence (she looks at her note) no! it’s a horrible idea.

Officer: I can’t do this, I need to go home.

The officer gets in her car, after a few minutes drive, she puts on the radio, immediately something starts crawling in her pocket, scared! she brakes and switches of the engine (the crawling stops). She browses her pocket and finds a sugar sized Lego

Officer: I must have taken it along with the evidence.

she puts the cube on the dashboard and starts the engine, as soon as the music starts in the radio the cube slides to the right with a magenta light bleeping

Officer: It’s part of her? it’s trying to reconnect? am I crazy?

she sits there in her car watching the road for 5 minutes

Officer: Sure, I am crazy!

she starts driving, at every turn, she will see in which direction does the cube slides on the dashboard and make turns

she has reached a dead-end. it is just woods out there, I am lost.

Officer: I thought it is going to be some dark broken warehouse, well, it’s no better.

She switches off the engine and the music but this time the cube’s light doesn’t go off

Officer: she is close (she starts running, she is having a hard time holding it in her hands but suddenly it just stops working and magenta light slowly fades away)

She beats the cube with the tree only to realize the bigger problem is that she is lost she then notices a bonfire when she comes closer, she notices a handicapped lady, she comes closer

Officer: hey, sorry to ..I know who you are

Everything blacks out

When she wakes up she feels drugged, not able to control herself, she tries to walk but fells. Her hands feel a touch of something. Just to keep something as evidence she grabs it and puts it in her coat without any sense of what it was and again she fells unconscious.

Gaining and losing consciousness happens successively many times

A few timeless hours later, she hears echoing voices

I can’t assure you she will entirely forget it

This is the last time I am telling you, you want me to kill her. I won’t

When she wakes everything looks blurry, she looks at the clock

Officer: what? how can I sleep for so long, This is my first day at the department. why this headache? I need to get ready

(she looks in the mirror, finds she is already wearing the uniform)

Officer: ow! I don’t remember being that excited. It was just keys and now I forgot a whole night, a day?

(she puts off her coat, undresses and baths, now she is trying to find her keys)

Officer: she cheks mattres, vases, toilet but can’t find it anywhere, stupid me, in the coat

(she can’t find the keys even in the coat )

Officer: I must have left it in the car, god arrest me (she finds a book in her coat) what is this, a diary? wait.. (memory flashes)

She runs to find her car. surprisingly she finds it parked well in the garage

Officer: I am just having a bad dream, I am just having a bad dream, I am just having a bad dream

(she then pulls out the diary she found earlier )

It reads..

Will it work this time? am I being too selfish? maybe I should not think about the comfort of it succeeding it is just making me uncomfortable. Am I saying that because I somewhat think it won’t work? stop it! I am so wasted. lego cubes that can rearrange themselves, such a dumbass, I thought I can make such a thing. For the most part, it works. maybe I just need to show it to someone. hell! no, it’s so glitchy. pathetically genius quaternions. I wish I was smart, I mean less dumb.

It’s funny when I say I need to show it to someone. who? I tell people I don’t need friends but the truth is I am scared of being hurt but it horrors me more how much I have hurt people. sir, jam aka James he was so gross, funny and inspiring. of course he doesn’t talk to me anymore, it makes sense.

Hell! I don’t know how to write a diary. people recommend that when one is feeling down writing could be a great heal, fuck! they are just showing off their intellect. It makes your mistakes so vivid or maybe that’s the point. I need to go out

(officer finds another diary in that diary)

like most times I was going to a park I will sit on a bench for a few hours staring at the moon, make him uncomfortable. sometimes I will sleep on that bench all night but for some reason, I went into a bar that night. I have never been into a bar, I don’t know what I was thinking. I went to the bartender and said I would like..and waited for him to fill in. he said, Bruichladdich? I hummed, he picks up a bottle like it was empty, pours it in and slides it to me. I take a cautious sip. My idiot tongue hated it. I looked around, the crowd can be contrasted in two types, people I can see thinking and people I can hear laughing. For me, people who were thinking were louder. I feel a touch on my back, I gently turn. he is a blue bearded dweeb. That’s what I thought, he started trying to be funny, I laughed with tears for an hour because of how bad he was at it but I liked him and I was drunk.

He told me his name, I heard Odam, I guess he said, Adam. It was about that time someone spanked me from the back. I ignored it, thinking it wasn’t intentional. It happened again! I was disgusted more than I was angry, I said goodbye and was leaving and it happened again! everything after that happened in a snap. Odam started arguing with the guy, two other guys came. no! not for help one of them grabbed Odam’s throat, something snapped in me and I took a knife and stabbed it in his hand, the next thing I know I was running

I got under a bus, it didn’t stop. They grabbed me. one of them raped me while I was bleeding and I was left to die

Unfortunately or fortunately, I didn’t

I woke after a month in a place you can’t call a hospital. I didn’t ask much questions. Every day a fragile voice would ask me what happened to you? or what is your name? but most frequently why do you sleep so much?

I won’t say anything but he will keep talking. He says, are you thinking something? must be feeling boring. My father tells me, feeling boring is an opportunity to think infinitely without restrictions. I know boring… guy.

I smiled. he was in more pain than me but always so warm, genuinely. I can tell he has been on the bed for way longer than me

You know what I think about, what if there is a world where no one can commit any crime but then people will feel prisoned without committing a crime. Freedom and a perfect world can never exist together. isn’t that interesting?

It is. I replied for the first time

You have a lovely voice. he says

Just hypothetically if we take away peoples freedom to commit crimes we can make the whole world into one nation, without boundaries all belonging to one nation without the animal things we do. I know I sound like a kid. you never told us your name


Me and my father, I am sorry you loosed your leg but a hospital wouldn’t have been able to save you. I am so sorry

no! I am so sorry. I acted so ignorantly.

Hey, found this in your coat. it’s better than lego

Did you fix it? it’s better. How did you do that?

It’s pretty cool, I can’t help but tinker around, I had a lot of time and I read your diary. sorry? well, you don’t need to calculate vertex position every time the cube move. You can use common diagonals as a reference point.

you are not ever 10 years old.

11 and a half! well, I don’t entirely understand how it works.

Neither do I. you think you have made a toy. I don’t understand why are you underestimating it so much. A tall young man points with a hopeful smile, I was noticing him for the first time.

Meet the boring guy. look, I made you something.

A miniature leg? cute! my reluctance said.

(they stare at me for five minutes)

Wait, you mean. My foot! excuse my pun. I can make my leg. I can walk again. how can I not see that? I said that in excitement but on the back of my head I knew it won’t be possible.

You will first need to make the cubes smaller and a cool name.

but still, how can it merge with my body, we can’t just fuel it with just batteries. how will I command it?

I was waiting for so long for you to say that. read this. kid says

I went into surgery, I trusted them. They planted a forest of hair-like structures on my joints. It will work as an interface for my nerves. The kid had something similar planted on his head about which his dad told me

When Kevin was five he was diagnosed with blood cancer and rare degenerative disease, doctors said he won’t survive another year and somehow we pulled it off. A supplement of blood runs through his body, he doesn’t need food, he doesn’t need air but he needs electricity 24 hours to stay alive.

In a few months, I was walking from a failed toy I made. but now I wanted more, I wanted to run, fast! I knew it was possible.

You can’t make a whole leg work with just identical sugar cubes. we used harmony and both nanoparticles and cubes and I was running.

The Kid named me Magent but he mostly calls me lazy flash.

I can pretend but the horror of that night still terrifies me but now I am so terrified about what I am going to do to them.

I can run at the speed of sound but the rest of my body is becoming a problem. It wasn’t a hard decision for me, I got my hands amputated, replaced. so that I can run at the speed of sound, That is what I told them but I am having an ugly plan. Threw my amputated hands and framed my rape and murder.

I can kill them myself but….

What am I going to do with my new body and speed? maybe find that dweeb blue beard, Odam? Adam. I am going to call him Odam when I find him

Officer closes the dairy and burns it.