How to write a Blockbuster movie

Arnav Zek
1 min readMar 9, 2020

A movie can be deconstructed on the basis of who is moving the plot, The main character dominates the trajectory of the story, in the beginning, It is so that viewers can relate and get excited about what’s coming.

Then an unpredictable force hits the character, pace slows down, there is no way out for our character, new elements lead the story but character has many question he find a way out but loses something really important.

He/she changes as a person but in a unique way, now once again the main character dominates the trajectory of the story, viewers are surprised but there is something the main characters didn’t know

With some anticipation he/she is hit again but this time he/she dominates that negative force but sill world is against him/her but at the last moment because of luck or intelligence hero wins or world is saved or the world has been changed