Bill Gates is not evil

Arnav Zek
2 min readAug 3, 2020

I saw a brief clip of Bill Gates discussing overpopulation

It simply summarises into “If health facilities get better, life gets more stable so people get educated, so they decided to have fewer children so that they can get the highest facilities and care”

but in the comments, people are naively correlating vaccines with a decrease in population and labeling him evil and degenerate

So, I asked a friend “Is it some sort of propaganda against him or plain human stupidity or am I missing any context” he is a thoughtful guy

Here are a few quotes from him

They are the jury, the judge the executioner. They don’t care about evidence or the concept of innocent until proven guilty. They wanna be the hero, They have their story and they are gonna fight for it.

This “us vs them” mentality Us vs the 1% Us vs the Hollywood elites, People want to feel lik they are fighting for something.

He was frustrated because he has seen the same things happen in Sushant Singh suicide here in India

This is how I make sense of it

A lot of these people have loosed jobs or worse due to corona, blaming it on someone comforts them. The same is true for Sushant Singh case, prior to any investigation the case was bent towards nepotism

The frequency of these comments scares me. What if this crowd goes out of control, they are easy to manipulate and exploit.